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Print the Built World!

Autonomous 3D Printing Robotics

Layer combines 3D printing software and hardware to transform the way we build.

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We see a world where homes are affordable, yet beautiful.

We believe that solving the world's housing crisis requires bold thinking and a new approach. At Layer we don't build homes. We invented groundbreaking technology to make building them faster, more affordable, stronger (and lovely, too).


Planet Earth needs to heal. Conventional building is unsustainable. Printing with local, multifarious materials generates less dust and pollutants, emits less CO2, consumes less energy, and generates less construction waste.

Our First Principle is:

locally available materials.

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Our R&D team includes researchers from leading colleges and institutions such as Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley National Lab, Cambridge (UK) and more. 

We have team members who sit on the ISO working committee for additive materials and manufacturing. 

You might call us 3D printed construction geeks, and we're good with that. Our obsession is
pioneering technology that transforms the built world. to


Layer has invented more than a dozen completely new technologies to support our leading-edge solutions.

From advanced artificial intelligence powering real-time, self-healing extrusion, to the ability to print rebar directly into the build,
Layer is helping to transform improbable into inevitable.

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Seattle, WA

We're seeking an electrical engineer with a specialization in hardware applications, with a heavy preference for candidates with experience in EE in the construction field.


We’re looking for passionate and innovative talent to join our team.

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